Brummell Spring 2020

Brummell is pleased to announce its Spring 2020 issue, exploring the appetite for adventure – from physical exertion and facing risk, to pushing yourself further to achieve, in all aspects of life

Travel and Wellbeing 13 Mar 2020

Brummell Spring 2020

Among our exploits in this edition, we journey to Príncipe island, off the west African coast, in search of the frustratingly elusive humpback whale, and travel by helicopter to discover extraordinary, remote, beautiful and usually inaccessible regions in Ethiopia. We also meet the indigenous peoples of the Amazon rainforest in the company of explorer-photographer Sue Cunningham, and pedal through South Africa, attempting to keep up with elite athletes and professional riders with Swiss watch brand Breitling, for the Coronation Double Century charity ride.

Talking of timekeeping, we select some luxuriously stylish yet functional tool watches for tough guys and vigorous women to measure the pace of our activities, and discuss the experience of circumnavigating the globe with Emily Penn, skipper and mission director of the all-women Exxpedition Round the World, investigating the causes of plastic pollution in the oceans.

If all that doesn’t float your boat, we delve into forest bathing, where there’s no tub involved; just breathing in the clean air, listening to the susurrations of trees and watching the light change as it cascades through the leaves. It’s about leaving our devices behind and reconnecting with the natural world – that’s an adventure in itself.

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, inspired by the pioneering spirit, or an aficionado of armchair travel, we invite you on our adventure and hope you enjoy the trip.