5 minutes with Scottie Bhattarai

5 minutes with… Scottie Bhattarai

CEO of Isabel Mayfair, Scottie Bhattarai speaks to Brummell about his life working in the hospitality industry and his plans for the future

Food and Drink 17 Nov 2023

5 minutes with Giannis Apostolopoulos

5 minutes with… Giannis Apostolopoulos

Giannis Apostolopoulos, talented mixologist and head of bars at Amazónico, on his experience of working in the hospitality industry and his love of cocktails

Food and Drink 10 Nov 2023

5 minutes with... Kin Min How

5 minutes with… Kin Min How

Mayfair restaurant Park Chinois’ head dim sum chef, Kin Min How, discusses honing his skills and his love for his culinary profession

Food and Drink 6 Nov 2023

Chief executive of Moleskine, Daniela Riccardi

Women of Brummell: pen and paper

Across an extensive career in business, brands and luxury retail, Daniela Riccardi, chief executive of Moleskine, has spent most of her career travelling around the world. Now back in her home country of Italy, she tells us about the importance of mentorship and her faith in Gen Z for more equal leadership.

People 6 Nov 2023

5 minutes with… Rocco Seminara

5 minutes with… Rocco Seminara

Brummell meets with Rocco Seminara, Bagatelle’s executive corporate chef, to discuss his career, French cuisine and his thoughts on the London gastronomic scene

Food and Drink 23 Oct 2023

5 minutes with Francesco Scala

5 minutes with… Francesco Scala

The executive head chef of Geode, Mayfair’s newly opened ‘vibe-dining’ experience on what diners can expect from the glitzy new restaurant.

Food and Drink 10 Oct 2023

5 minutes with… Viajante87’s team

5 minutes with… Viajante87’s team

Viajante87’s bar director, Pietro Collina, and brand manager, Veronica Di Pietrantonio, discuss the London cocktail bar's ethos, and what drinks they believe are the star of the show

Food and Drink 3 Oct 2023

5 minutes with Sameer Vaswani

5 minutes with… Sameer Vaswani

Sameer Vaswani, founder of Prodigy snacks, discusses his confectionery brand that is doing good for both the people and the planet

Food and Drink 25 Sep 2023

5 minutes with Kemal Demirasal

5 minutes with… Kemal Demirasal

From acclaimed windsurfer to acclaimed chef, Kemal Demirasal talks ingredients, new challenges and what could be on the cards next

Food and Drink 15 Sep 2023