Wheely makes Mother’s Day special with bespoke bouquets

Luxury services company Wheely is partnering with London florist Flowerbx to offer a special gifting experience this Mother’s Day, with some of the proceeds going to The Lady Garden Foundation

Style 7 Mar 2024

A beautiful Flowerbx bouquet delivered for Mum by Wheely

If you’ve spotted a pristine Mercedes-Benz E, S or V-Class being driven around London by a debonair, besuited chauffeur, then you may have been watching Wheely in action. The luxury services company sets the global standard for chauffeuring, and offers a fleet of on-demand chauffeurs via its app on iOS and Android.

While they can be summoned at a tap of your phone screen, they are all determined to uphold everything from safety and punctuality to etiquette and discretion to the nth degree. Each driver completes luxury chauffeur training verified by the CPD Certification Service through the in-house Wheely Chauffeur Academy.

Subject to non-disclosure agreements and well-versed in everything from digital privacy to first aid, these drivers provide a service as luxurious and comprehensive as having your own personal chauffeur, if not more so.

Through Wheely Concierge, the company’s members-only service, they can even assist you with all manner of errands. If you need someone to get your children safely to their music lesson, or to ask for a wine pairing recommendation at your favourite wine shop, they will go out of their way to make sure all such wants and needs are met.

In advance of Mother’s Day, Wheely has partnered with the similarly luxe London florist Flowerbx, which delights its own customers by delivering gorgeous statement bouquets to their chosen recipients’ doorsteps.

For this collaboration, Flowerbx has designed a unique single-stem bouquet called Garden of Wheely, which comes in velvety sandstone box adorned with the Wheely logo. This is a pretty base against which a firework of crisp white flowers pops: stems of ivory roses, spray roses, ranunculus, anemone, oxypetalum and acacia foliage.

On 8 and 10 March, Wheely’s finest-trained chauffeurs will hand-deliver these in a beautifully designed box alongside a personalised, handwritten note to mothers and maternal figures throughout London.

Making the experience even more special, Wheely will donate £30 from each bouquet to The Lady Garden Foundation. The foundation has already raised over £2.7 million for fostering awareness about the five gynaecological cancers and funding research into their treatment at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust. On average, 58 women in the UK are diagnosed with one of these cancers each day, and the Trust is engaged in important efforts to reduce such diagnoses and ameliorate their outcomes.

So, for an unforgettable Mother’s Day gift delivered by some of the most charming and versatile chauffeurs in the business, simply download the Wheely app and hit “Order a Bouquet”. Then it’s merely a matter of waiting for them to hit the road.

The bouquet delivery service is priced at £250. A limited number will be available to pre-order on 7 March via the latest version of the Wheely app (iOS and Android), with orders being delivered on 8 and 10 March. Add your personalised message in the “Delivery Notes” section in the app; wheely.com