Alessi: La Cupola coffee machine

The Italian design brand’s espresso maker celebrates its 30th anniversary

Style 21 May 2018

Alessi La Cupola espresso maker

Alessi La Cupola espresso maker

Designed in 1988 by Aldo Rossi, the name behind some of the most iconic objects of the 80s, the Alessi La Cupola Espresso Coffee Maker reflects Rossi’s ability to listen to and engage with the public’s tastes and to democratise high design. Made of high-quality aluminium (it was the first coffee maker to be created from this material) and with excellent heat conducting properties, its simple and affordable construction truly makes it a coffee maker for the people.

Born in Milan, Rossi took design inspiration from Italian architect Alessandro Antonelli, whose works include the Novara Cathedral in Piedmont, close to Alessi’s factory. Rossi was known for his austere use of geometric shapes and his work in design theory, drawing, architecture and product design, particularly furniture and household goods. His work was so influential in the world of architecture that over time, his sketches and drawings became recognised as works in themselves and are shown in major museums throughout the world.

The fact that La Cupola remains one of Alessi’s most popular items after three decades demonstrates its universal and enduring appeal as well as the incredible talent and vision of its designer.