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Ferari has released the Roma Spider; the first front-engined Ferrari convertible since the ’60s.

Motoring 21 Nov 2023

Roma Spider

The Roma coupe was a rare look back by Ferrari into its storied past. For a company that relentlessly pursues modernity and performance, it was a pause for breath and a chance to celebrate its history, particularly the glorious coupes from the 1950s and ’60s. We now have the Spider version of the Roma, which retains those elegant lines but now comes with a folding roof.

The Roma Spider
The Roma Spider

Interestingly, Ferrari has gone with a fabric roof rather than the folding hardtops it has favoured on its recent convertibles, but this enhances the character of this car, which is all about carefree sunny days and living “la dolce vita”. And as if there was any doubt about the image and how Ferrari wants you to think of this car, the new launch colour has been labelled “Celeste Trevi”. It also features a new wind deflector integrated into the rear bench instead of the messy mesh screens used in most cabriolets. By losing its roof, the Roma Spider becomes the first front-engined Ferrari convertible since the ’60s. It’s still a 2+2, like the coupe, but the rear seats will be more beneficial for shopping or a rucksack rather than an actual human, never mind two. And don’t be fooled by the elegant looks; this car still wears the Prancing Horse badge and is no dainty soft top. The twin-turbo V8 is a raucous engine that still delivers massive performance with 612 BHP and 199mph top speed after hitting 62mph in 3.4 seconds. That and a price tag of £210,313 somewhat belie the Spider’s entry-level Ferrari status.