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Audi unveils its electric GT

Motoring 28 May 2024

Audi has been active in the electric car market for several years, although the casual onlooker may have yet to notice.

In its own very understated way, Audi has been making electric cars look like… well, cars. Its transition to electric has probably been smoother than for some brands. The marque is well known for creating incredibly capable, rapid sports cars, but the most famous are the relatively big four-door brutes such as the RS4 and the RS6 models. The move to electric is no vast shift from these cars to those powered by big powerful electric motors. The e-tron GT is the flagship electric model. It shares a lot of common parts with the Porsche Taycan, which is no bad thing, given that the Taycan is one of the best electric cars out there. 

The e-tron GT turns that package into a rather excellent GT car. Casting aside any aspirations to be an out-and-out sports car, it prefers to ply its trade as a grand tourer (the clue is in the name). And it does the touring thing very, very well. The e-tron gives you that with an Audi flavour in a very effective body shape that looks sporty but also elegant. It is serene and comfortable but also super quick when you want it to be, and if you go for the top of the range that add “RS” to the name, you’ll have a fully electric warp-speed missile to play with.