Quick on your feet: Race the Jet

Carbon-neutral polar operator White Desert invites you to test your stamina and endurance with its once-in-a-lifetime Antarctic adventure

Travel 8 Oct 2018

White Desert are the only carbon-neutral plane operators to serve Antartica
A blue ice tunnel

Calling all thrill-seekers: Antarctic polar operator White Desert has devised a one-of-a-kind, adrenaline-filled trip to test your endurance. Flying to Wolf’s Fang, Antarctica from Cape Town, only 24 people will have the opportunity to run a marathon in one of the most remote places in the world – and all that against the clock. Those attending this ultimate marathon will have the opportunity to experience a tailor-made running course through breathtaking icefalls and alongside and under awesome vertical towers of rock. This region has only ever been explored by White Desert’s previous guests, which include Prince Harry, Bear Grylls and Buzz Aldrin.

With luxury air travel to and from Antarctica, food and medical services are provided as part of the trip – but there’s a twist! Not only is this a test of endurance, but also speed, as the jet has only five hours on the runway. For those who don’t make it, a cold night in Antarctica and a flight back the next day in a cargo plane full of rubbish awaits.

White Desert has 13 years of experience in running luxury trips to Antarctica, and has won six World Travel Awards over the years. Not only a pioneer in luxury, it is the only plane operator in Antarctica to be 100% carbon neutral and adhere to a zero-impact policy to ensure that only minimal waste is created and removed from the continent.

To mark the occasion, British watchmaker Bremont has created a very limited-edition timepiece made to work in Antartica’s challenging environment. This special-edition version of its ALT1-WT World Timer watch is only available to purchase by those who have stood at the southernmost point on Earth – and of course this watch will be relied upon to count down the last few minutes of the marathon before the jet departs.

So why not take a leap and put yourself to the test with this once-in-a-lifetime trip to test your stamina and go where (almost) no man has been before.

The Race the Jet adventure takes place from 2-4th February 2019 and costs £24,000pp. The trip is available to book now on white-desert.com