Vintage appeal: Reservoir Kanister Silver

Reservoir updates its vintage car-inspired Kanister with a sleek silver dial and technically advanced new movement

Watches & Jewellery 17 Mar 2022

Vintage cars and watches share a similar appeal, both delivering strongly on style, but with just as much going on under the hood. But beyond the objects themselves, they speak to a lifestyle of adventure, freedom and the joy of the open road. Reservoir’s creations tap into this dream, with nods to some of the most iconic motors of past and the legendary racers at their wheel.

With its Kanister timepiece, the watchmaker takes its cues from the speedometer of the 356 Speedster sports car. But rather than merely drawing inspiration, it instead took the opportunity to completely rethink the traditional way of telling time. The latest model in the family comes fitted with the new RSV-240 calibre, a manufacture movement offering three complications, along with a power reserve of 50 hours. 

Among this trio of features is a retrograde minute hand that works its way across the upper portion of the dial before jumping back to its starting position. The hours then tick away on the display at 6 o’clock. Underneath lies the power display, reminiscent of a fuel gauge on a car dashboard. Beyond the revamped movement, this new take comes with a crisp silver-finish dial, which, when paired with the clean typography and distinctive layout, brings a fresh new look to the line. Completing the vintage feel, it comes on a classic black leather strap – an additional taupe option is also available.