Racing through time: Omega Speedmaster 321 Canopus Gold

A legendary Omega timepiece makes its return in this handsome new Speedmaster packed with vintage charm

Watches & Jewellery 11 Jan 2022

Omega’s Speedmaster may be best known as the watch that went to the moon, indeed accompanying astronauts on all six lunar landings. But before playing its part in the space race, it proved its high-powered credentials on land. Launched in 1957, and designed for professional racing drivers, it revolutionised the development of chronographs. This included its innovative debut of the tachymeter scale on the bezel, as opposed to the dial, which was perfect for precision timing on the track. Today the watch remains an undisputed classic, favoured by new and seasoned watch collectors alike. And for its latest outing, Omega looks to the original model for a sleek new take that is heavy on vintage charm. 

As that influential first release, the CK2915-1, reaches its 65th birthday, Omega pays tribute to some of its most beloved features. Connoisseurs will notice the Naiad symbol on the crown, used to denote water resistance, while the deep black onyx dial includes a vintage Omega logo including typography featuring an oval ‘O’, as also seen on those early watches. Even more special is the Calibre 321 at the heart of the timepiece, which follows the specifications of the movement not only used in the original Speedmaster, but those that powered the watches used on the legendary Apollo missions. 

Elsewhere, these heritage influences have been brought up to date with both a contemporary eye and harnessing Omega’s innovative use of materials. The famous tachymeter scale has been filled with a black Grand Feu enamel in a painstaking and time-consuming process. And in the ultimate attention to detail, it retains two of the original Speedmaster’s distinguishing details: a dot over 90 and a second diagonal to 70. Meanwhile, the 38.6mm case has been crafted in 18ct Canopus Gold, Omega’s exclusive white-gold alloy that brings an alluring brilliance to its finish while retaining robust qualities that equip it for everyday wear. Finishing the homage in style is the engraving of Omega’s iconic seahorse on the sapphire-crystal glass on the rear of the watch, while it comes presented in a special wooden box akin to those that the first customers would have received in 1957.