Life is sweet: Longines

Longines’ newest ambassador on the best of times

Watches & Jewellery 7 Dec 2023

Longines' newest Ambassador of Elegance, actress Jennifer Lawrence

Longines' newest Ambassador of Elegance, actress Jennifer Lawrence

Swiss luxury watch brand Longines has always been a champion of elegance, creating timepieces that are both graceful and attractive, made to the highest standards and always representing good value for money. The Mini DolceVita, the latest addition to the refined women’s collection, exemplifies these qualities.

The new design is inspired by a piece from the archives dating back to 1927, as well as the original DolceVita line launched in 1997. Featuring a stainless-steel rectangular case with softened contours, its vertical lines are framed by 38 Top Wesselton diamonds, while a new Cosmo circular dial and small seconds sub-dial add a touch of Art Deco detail to the architecture. It’s presented on a new steel bracelet with 198 rounded links that are comfortable on the wrist and easy on the eye.

Longines Mini DolceVita
Longines Mini DolceVita

It’s the choice of Jennifer Lawrence, Longines’ new Ambassador of Elegance. The Academy Award-winning actress – whose storied CV includes stand-out roles in Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle – is a fitting match for the watch. ‘I think elegance always looks better when it’s a bit more effortless, not trying too hard, like a quiet luxury,’ she says. ‘I always like a classic, clean, chic look.’ And, she continues, in a world where the time can be seen everywhere and is all around us, on our phone, computer, in the street, the Mini DolceVita has more than time-telling charms: ‘It’s a beautiful piece of jewellery. It’s a nice way to have your arm dressed up, but still in a restrained, sleek way. It’s not overly feminine.’

Jennifer Lawrence sports Longines' Longines Mini DolceVita
Jennifer Lawrence sports Longines’ Longines Mini DolceVita

That’s not to say time is unimportant to her: ‘Elegance is being on time! Being on time is important to me, especially when I’m at work as there are so many people that have got there for me. Time is so precious, especially after you have a child,’ the 33-year-old actress says. ‘I feel like I appreciate every moment now.’

Watches have recently played a significant part in her life. ‘When my husband and I got married, my brother-in-law gave me a watch that his father gave him when he was younger. It was such a sentimental, amazing gesture. So ever since then my love for watches grew.’

The dainty Mini DolceVita is also available in a wide range of configurations with colourful leather straps, some with diamonds framing the case. Some models feature a rectangular dial and square small seconds sub-dial which add to the Deco geometry. Each piece is an expression of contemporary elegance and the sweet life after which it’s named, designed to appeal to dynamic women, like Jennifer Lawrence. What does the dolce vita mean to her? ‘I think just appreciating the small moments in life and trying to be optimistic,’ she says. ‘Just being able to kind of slow down and appreciate the small pleasures in life.’

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