Getting personal: Victorinox My I.N.O.X

Pick out your perfect I.N.O.X watch with Victorinox’s extensive new customisation options

Watches & Jewellery 22 Oct 2020

Victorinox My I.N.O.X

From fashion to technology, customisation has seen a huge boom in recent years as customers increasingly seek out products that offer a personal touch. And it’s a trend that continues to filter its way down to the world of horology, with watchmakers offering everything from swappable straps to colourful dial options.

Victorinox is taking the concept a step further with its popular I.N.O.X watches. These tough timepieces are as rugged and hardwearing as you’d expect from the company famed for its trusty and reliable Swiss army knives. Now you can give it your own twist to suit your style, with a whole range of different options that allow you to tailor the entire look of the watch, easily configurable online.

Start by choosing the case material, available in durable titanium, stainless steel or carbon, the latter of which is the same composite used to protect space shuttles on re-entry to the earth’s atmosphere. You can then pick from seven dial colours, in everything from pared-back grey and white to bold orange or red. Match with a similarly hued strap or opt for a bold contrast instead, with options available in a plethora of hues. These also are offered in different materials, including rubber and Victorinox’s innovative paracord strap, handwoven from high-strength nylon cord which, when unravelled, can be ingeniously used for activities such as weaving a fishing net, building a shelter or even just replacing your shoelace.

The personalisation doesn’t stop here. You can also pick out a protective bumper for your watch, as well as add a special engraved message of your choosing. Completing the package is a Swiss army knife, presented in multiple colours including exclusive new shades such as orange, blue and grey.