English rose: Tessa Packard

Tessa Packard's new collection, Once Upon a Time in my Secret Garden, draws inspiration from the romantic wild English gardens of literature past

Watches & Jewellery 10 Apr 2019

Tessa Packard Down by the Lake earrings
Packard's English garden inspired Midsummer ring
Tessa Packard's In the Greenhouse earrings
Rock pool earrings from the Once Upon a Time in my Secret Garden collection

Inspired by curiosity cabinets, juxtaposition and all things whimsical, jeweller Tessa Packard has become renowned for unique storytelling and quintessentially British eccentricity at the heart of her creations.

Whether regimentally landscaped or with a wild, overgrown quality, many writers have lent a sense of fantasy and possibility to the traditional English garden. And, with her new collection of rings, earrings, necklaces, charms and cufflinks – including imaginative one-of-a-kind pieces – Packard brings the focus back to this fairy-tale location.

The stylised collection, named Once Upon a Time in my Secret Garden, is limited to a six-tone palette and uses verdigris to inject the rustic, natural quality of a living garden to the delicate pieces. Each piece would not be out of place in the romantic escape of the gardens, as Tessa herself was brought back to the endless possibilities she felt playing outside and the imagined magical fairy kingdoms she dreamt up as a child.

Key pieces of the Once Upon a Time in my Secret Garden include the one-of-a-kind Down by the Lake Earrings and ginko-leaf-inspired In the Greenhouse Earrings (both made with yellow gold, verdigris brass and citrine), the Ring-a-Roses Ring and the secret garden key pendants, For Lyra and For Will.

The Once Upon a Time in my Secret Garden collection launches online and in the Tessa Packard showroom in May 2019. tessapackard.com