Digital revolution: Breitling digital passport

Breitling rolls out innovative technology offering a new level of customer experience across all new watches

Watches & Jewellery 13 Oct 2020

While Breitling may specialise in some of the finest mechanical timekeeping, when it comes to the protection and servicing of its watches, it harnesses the latest digital technology to offer its customers an enhanced and seamless experience.

Introduced in the Top Time, the watchmaker has now rolled out its innovative digital passport across all its new watches. This tool not only provides owners with a handy way to easily authenticate their watch, but also provides comprehensive customer services from repair tracking to guarantees. It has been implemented using blockchain technology, secured by the Arianee protocol, to ensure the highest standards of privacy and security of personal data.

Each new Breitling watch includes a unique digital passport. To activate, simply scan the electronic guarantee card with your phone to download the encrypted digital wallet. This contains everything you need to know about your watch at the touch of button, from the serial number to warranty details. It also includes a transfer feature should you wish you to change the ownership details, for example in the case of resale.

Beyond this, the passport comes with a number of other useful features, with more still to come. This includes access to an enhanced customer service platform that enables owners to initiate and track any repairs to their timepiece, while soon there will be the option to subscribe to insurance for theft or loss.