Bee on time: Dior Grand Soir Reine des Abeilles

Dior looks to one of nature's most industrious creatures for a dazzling new collection

Watches & Jewellery 23 Jun 2020

Dior Grand Soir Reine des Abeilles

Myths and superstition surround bees, historically seen as auspicious symbols of wealth, good luck and prosperity from the earliest times. Representing industriousness and personal power, purposefully searching out sweet nectar, their harmonious hives are frequently used as analogies for successful societies. It’s unsurprising then that they are favoured motifs in jewellery down the ages, still being given new interpretations by contemporary designers.

The female leaders of those humble bumbles who symbolise community, co-operation and productivity are showcased in a new collection of high jewellery timepieces from Dior. One-of-a-kind pieces, they celebrate the queen of the tiny but important workers in the designer Christian Dior’s beloved gardens. Those bees who helped create the blossoms and flowers that fuelled the green-fingered designer’s life-long passion, that proved so inspirational for his designs.

From horticulture to horology, the Dior Grand Soir Reine des Abeilles collection showcases the elegant queen bee, adorned with gems and even feathers, as emeralds, sapphires, rubies, amethysts, tsavorite garnets, opals bring brilliant colour to the body, her wings crafted from precious stones and shimmering material, that bring the bee to life as they appear to flutter as they catch the light. Powered by a quartz movement, the watch’s 36mm white gold case is fully set with diamonds, an opulent hive for royalty, the matriarch of apiaries. These timepieces will undoubtedly create a buzz.