Beach ready: Bremont S300 Kaimu and Vigo

Bremont introduces a duo of monochromatic S300 watches inspired by two different and dramatic coastlines

Watches & Jewellery 15 Jun 2022

As the time for holidays approaches, Bremont has looked to two different stretches of coastline for the inspiration behind a duo of new additions to its S300 range. However, this is not a summer sports watch as you know it. Instead, this sleek monochromatic pair draw their cues from dramatically contrasting destinations and their impressive environments. 

The S300 Kaimu looks to the beach of the same name in Hawaii, which Bremont co-founder Nick English and his wife Catherine visited on their honeymoon. The area was devastated by an eruption from the nearby Kilauea volcano in 1990. In the decades since, the local habitat has been replenished and its former beauty restored, and its young black sand beach is one of its star attractions. Its distinctive hue is seen across the watch’s dial and ceramic bezel. 

The silvery-white of the S300 Vigo takes its name from a city on the Spanish coastline, an idyllic scene of fine white sands and clear waters. It has special meaning to the Bremont co-founders and brothers, who sailed there as children aboard the Lady K, a boat built by their father as a gift to their mother. This light and airy feel is continued from the dial right down to the choice of bracelet, in stainless steel or white alligator leather. 

Both are more than ready for their own trip to the beach, being water resistant to 300 metres and, like all Bremont watches, built to be robust and durable. Completing the aquatic theme is the caseback, engraved with the wave pattern introduced into the Supermarine collection.