The best solo female travel tours

For International Women’s Month, we look at the ways to take a trip where the only travel availability that matters is your own

Travel and Wellbeing 13 Mar 2024

For International Women’s Month, we look at the ways to take a trip where the only travel availability that matters is your own

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Since I was little, I have daydreamed about traversing wild landscapes. Setting off on an adventure in a style not so dissimilar to Bilbo Baggins and uncovering the lost tombs of some forgotten goddess or sailing across the seas to undiscovered lands. As I got older, the tombs became the Valley of the Kings, sailing the seas became jet-setting to the other side of the world for a five-day hike around Uluru and as for Bilbo Baggins – ever heard of a place called Hobbiton?

As I came to the realisation that adventure was not a fantasy but could be found dotted across the globe, I became fixated on travel. I wanted to cut the ties tethering me to my hometown and see whereabouts in the sky my balloon drifted. But as a singleton with friends who were committed to a mortgage, a puppy or (heaven forbid) a long-term relationship, solo travel seemed to be my only option. And I wasn’t alone.

The search volume for “female solo travel” across all search engines has increased by 62 per cent over the past three years and travel companies dedicated to a women-only clientele have rocketed by 230 per cent. A generation of girls who dreamed about adventure are becoming women seeking it out in their adulthood.

Scary, however, doesn’t quite cut it. It can be incredibly daunting when faced with the prospect of going it alone. Far away from family, no consistent income and how on earth are you meant to pack your entire life into a backpack?

Helping to create a community for the likeminded backpacker, specially curated solo female travel tours are gaining popularity.

To celebrate International Women’s Month, we’ve selected three of the best travel tours for women to help make your nomadic fantasy a reality.

Namibia’s Wild Wonders, founded by Jo Sanders
Image credit: Ultimate Safaris

Namibia’s Wild Wonders

Inspired by a group of trekkers on the Tibetan side of Mount Everest, Geographic Expeditions (GeoEx) was founded by Jo Sanders and established by adventure travel pioneer Al Read and visionary George Doubleday. With 40 years’ experience, its Women of the World collection promises one-of-a-kind encounters led by inspiring female guides.

Its Namibia’s Wild Wonders 13-day luxury small-group safari tour ventures across sand dunes and the savannah, connecting with incredible women along the way. Track an endangered rhino with a female ranger from Save the Rhino Trust, go behind the scenes with veterinary staff at the female-founded AfriCat Foundation and experience illustrative embroidery by the women at Penduka Development Trust.

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Gals Who Travel

After graduating from the University of Reading in 2019, Brontë King started Gals Who Graduate, a community supporting female students and graduates through friendships, jobs and education. Since its inception Gals Who has reached over 300,000 girls and grown into different female communities such as Gals Who Read, Gals Who Sweat and Gals Who Travel.

Teaming up with TruTravels in 2022, Gals Who Travel has trips to Costa Rica, Bali, Thailand, Andorra, Philippines and an exclusive one-off trip to Japan announced last month. From snorkelling with turtles and sunset kayaking to night safaris, volcanic hot springs and après ski, Gals Who Travel offers a safe space for female travellers to explore the world together.

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Black Girls Travel UK, founded by Danai Conquers
Black Girls Travel UK, founded by Danai Conquers

Black Girls Travel UK

Founded by Danai Conquers, Black Girls Travel UK is an organisation born from the desire to create a space where Black women could meaningfully connect, support and satisfy their wanderlust. ‘In my early 30s, I faced an unexpected hurdle when diagnosed with breast cancer,’ says Danai. ‘This life-altering experience challenged every aspect of my being – physically, emotionally and spiritually.’

Determined to live life to the fullest and experience everything the world has to offer, Danai made it her mission to ignite the spirit of adventure within Black women, which led to the creation of the Soulful Explorers club. An inclusive community, supplying members with the tools and knowledge to navigate the globe with confidence, the Soulful Explorers Club offers exclusive access, discounted trips and monthly meet-ups.

Joining the travel community’s trips to Cape Verde, Portugal and Marrakech, Black Girls Travel UK will be hosting a special Girls Trip Cultural and Connection excursion to Zanzibar, Tanzania, from 24-30 September 2024. Speaking to Brummell, BGTUK explains, ‘This trip promises to be an enriching experience, fostering cultural exchange, personal growth and lasting connections among participants. We believe it’s an excellent example of the empowering journeys we facilitate for Black women travellers.’

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