A Holistic, Cutting-Edge Approach to Wellbeing is on Offer at The HVN

A new wellness centre in Knightsbridge puts a focus on feeling your best through a variety of methods – both old and new

Travel and Wellbeing 20 Jun 2024

The HVN’s Hydrobed

The HVN’s Hydrobed – the only one of its kind in the UK

The HVN – pronounced ‘haven’ – is the latest venture by former Paco Rabanne CEO Muriel Zingraff. However, this is not a spa. Bringing together heritage therapies and cutting-edge technology, the west London wellness centre is revolutionising the way we understand our minds and bodies with a bespoke programme planned by a team of nutritionists, osteopaths, aestheticians, acupuncturists and experts in traditional Indian, Japanese and Chinese medicine.

Co-founded with leading beauty professional Jo Harris and internationally recognised GP and laser specialist Dr Tanja Phillips, The HVN provides support for a range of concerns, from hormonal imbalance to gut health. ‘The HVN encapsulates everything that myself, Jo and Tanja see as the fundamentals of a complete health and wellbeing experience,’ says Zingraff. ‘We have pooled our knowledge and research to establish The HVN as a place to receive bespoke treatments, as well as true and transparent information about wellness with complete trust.’

For the trio of professionals, the consultation is the crux of their relationship with clients. ‘It is the critical piece that I think is missing in a lot of spaces,’ says Harris. ‘We find it so important to create relationships with our clients and [consultation] is a great way for us to do this.’ An amalgamation of a spa and clinic centred around holistic and conscious wellbeing, the London facility is headed by 70 years of collective experience.

The wellness centre’s interior
The wellness centre’s interiors employ biophilic design to promote a blissful sense of calm

Alongside its six treatment suites, consultation space, two recovery pods and an education space, The HVN houses the UK’s only Hydrobed, a massage bed that uses jets of warm, pressurised water to target specific areas of the body. Harris explains, ‘About 12 years ago I was in Morocco and that is when I had my epiphany moment, when I experienced the hammam treatment. You are lying there on marble, being washed head to toe and this sense of nurture was really unique. It was very hard to find that and recreate the experience. The Hydrobed takes an element of that and acts as a catalyst to enable us to relax. It allows one to really decompress and switch off as you don’t need to move or turn over.’

The interiors of The HVN, inspired by the traditional Japanese concept of shinrin-yoku, or “forest bathing”, offer clients a sense of biophilic bliss. The circadian lighting, natural sounds and aromatics are all said to promote lower blood pressure and cortisol levels, in addition to enhancing immunity and improving digestion.

As well as offering clients the latest in laser technology and non-surgical cosmetic treatments, from lip plumping to thread vein removal, the new urban wellness retreat provides seminars, masterclasses and a range of programmes with opportunities for clients to learn ‘how to be the architects of their own wellbeing’. Whether for sleep, anxiety, weight or menopause, The HVN’s team helps provide the tools to improve everyday wellness with individually tailored plans to ensure that, whatever the issue, it is properly addressed and supported. Find The HVN in Knightsbridge, a destination for investing in long-lasting luxury. But this time it’s centred on the greatest investment of all: yourself.