Nature lover: Massimo Alba

Massimo Alba's AW19 collection draws on the rich colours of nature observed in autumn, while contributing to a good cause

Style 23 Sep 2019

Massimo Alba AW19
Massimo Alba AW19
Massimo Alba AW19
Massimo Alba AW19

Massimo Alba’s collections always have a lightness to them – the feeling of letting the wind carry you – and the autumn/winter 2019-20 collection is no exception. The colours of autumn and what the Italian designer describes as the charming vision of a man living in the British countryside, in close proximity to nature, form the inspiration behind Alba’s newest collection. As seen each season, Alba’s pieces aren’t meant to be especially formal, but rather the designer finds beauty in relaxed, hand-dyed garments and in the imperfections that come from this process.

Pieces in the collection draw on the colours of wild rosehip, green and mustard, while Alba’s signature brushed flannel shirts and velvet pieces make a reappearance in warm tones perfect for the autumn season. Items can be easily worn together – Alba often speaks of his love of juxtaposing patterns – but are also beautifully crafted standalone pieces, lending an air of ease to the approach of colder seasons, whether you’re working in the city or trekking through the British countryside.

The images of an old London are also inspirations; the London inhabited by poets, in particular the picturesque setting of Bloomsbury. The rust-coloured, double-breasted velvet coat – one of the key pieces in this collection – references this part of the city, with its white terraced houses, English Heritage blue plaques and wealth of literary history.

But Massimo Alba is also keen to explain that beyond any local inspiration, he is also looking at the bigger picture, and in this respect his focus is on habitat conservation. Collaborating with a young Italian watercolour artist called Clementina, Alba has created a selection of handkerchiefs and stoles featuring images of majestic wild animals. A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of these animal-themed pieces will go to African Parks, a non-profit organisation that works to protect parks in Africa.

Massimo Alba Leone
Leone, one of the handkerchiefs made in collaboration between Massimo Alba and Clementina in aid of African Parks

As always, both a dreamer and a realist, Massimo Alba has successfully brought together his love of nature and the urban environment in an ethereal collection that is also eminently wearable.

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