How Slowear offers men a full wardrobe exemplifying the art of craftsmanship

The specialist heritage brands that comprise Slowear combine to deliver garments of exceptional quality

Style 19 Jun 2024

Two men wearing a shirt, £295, Glanshirt; T-shirt, £180, Zanone; trousers, £375, Incotex; polo shirt, £220, Zanone; shorts, £310, Incotex. All available at Slowear

(From left) shirt, £295, Glanshirt; T-shirt, £180, Zanone; trousers, £375, Incotex; polo shirt, £220, Zanone; shorts, £310, Incotex. All available at Slowear

What’s not to admire about Slowear? It’s a business deeply rooted in the Veneto region of Italy, now establishing its headquarters in Milan. The brand’s pride lies in its high-quality craftsmanship, producing garments that are a testament to heritage and sophistication. The name itself, Slowear, reflects the brand’s commitment to sustainability and a culture of doing things with care, in stark contrast to the prevalent model of fast consumerism.

The Slowear story starts in 1951 with the inception of Incotex, a specialist trouser-maker, by Carlo Compagno. In 2003, his two sons, Roberto and Marzio, moved the needle forward with stylish conviction, taking Incotex and integrating three more esteemed specialist heritage labels – Montedoro, an outerwear maker that draws influence from workwear and the military; Glanshirt, a refined shirtmaker; and Zanone, a technical knitwear manufacturer – and placing them all beneath the Slowear umbrella. In doing so, they amassed almost a century of collective know-how and offer a one-stop shop for the modern man’s sartorial needs.

A model wears a regular-fit jacket in Chinolino from Incotex, £945
Regular-fit jacket in Chinolino from Incotex, £945

The strongest string in Slowear’s bow is that, by working with these specialist manufacturers, it can have complete oversight and control of the Slowear production processes. Italy is a hotbed for luxury fashion manufacturing, where brands offering complete wardrobes work with several workshops across the country. With its roots in manufacturing, Slowear can cultivate its universe in ways that others can’t, invest wisely in production and produce garments of the highest standards. Nowhere is this more apparent than with Zanone.

Founded in 1986, Zanone is the youngest of the Slowear brands. Renowned for its proficiency and advances in technical innovation, it leverages cutting-edge manufacturing processes and selects only the finest natural fibres, such as merino wool, cashmere, yak, linen and silk. This has produced knitwear pieces that are luxurious, comfortable and environmentally conscious.

One of Zanone’s most prized creations is IceCotton™, a patented yarn touted as among Italy’s most innovative textile materials. The milling process sets it apart from other cotton yarns, whereby extra-long organic fibres are twisted tightly, resulting in considerable strength, breathability, resilience and a touch of elasticity. Such qualities allow Zanone to produce robust garments that can live up to the toils of modern life – they are wrinkle-resistant and keep their shape. The latter is perhaps most important, as knitwear is generally susceptible to eventual slump.

A model wearing a slim-fit organic IceCotton shirt from Zanone, £285
Slim-fit organic IceCotton shirt from Zanone, £285

The tight yarns allow Zanone to knit dense yet lightweight garments, with a smooth, crepe-like texture that feels luxuriously soft. For many, knitwear is for autumn and winter, but Zanone’s IceCotton™ yarns provide the perfect base for layering when it’s cold, while the naturally cool feel is a delight to wear when the sun shines.

When it comes to available styles, there are options aplenty, but investing in an IceCotton™ T-shirt is a smart way to upgrade your wardrobe. Whether layered beneath a tailored jacket or worn as the star attraction, they’re a discerning choice. The collection also offers button-throughs that can be thrown on over a T-shirt, and polo shirts available in short and long sleeves.

The beauty of Zanone’s IceCotton™ range is its seamless integration with Incotex trousers and vintage-inspired Montedoro jackets and blazers. Slowear’s unique selling point is its ability to offer a complete wardrobe. This approach ensures that every fashion choice is a confident one, backed by a commitment to quality and style.