Hit the road: EB Meyrowitz The Californian

Adventure and the open road provide the inspiration behind the brand's latest sunglasses collection

Style 14 Sep 2020

EB Meyrowitz The Californian sunglasses
The Californian sunglasses from EB Meyrowitz offer both comfort and a cool, modern aesthetic
The Californian Brown Mottle sunglasses

For those of us on the wrong side of the Atlantic, the idea of firing up the motorbike and heading off on the ultimate American road trip seems like a distant dream. However, with its new eyewear collection, EB Meyrowitz is evoking the free spirit of the open road, taking inspiration from the cool, casual style of California.

EB Meyrowitz's new collection, The Californian
EB Meyrowitz’s new collection, The Californian

The sleek limited-edition collection takes a classic silhouette and gives it a contemporary edge, carefully contoured to offer both comfort and a cool, modern aesthetic. Taking its cues from the Golden State, the acetate sunglasses are presented in a range of six desert-inspired shades, from the yellow-tinged ‘desert sun’ to the bold blue ‘mountain rain’.

Like all of EB Meyrowitz’s eyewear, each pair is made using expert craftsmanship, handcrafted in its ateliers across the UK, France and Germany.

£850; ebmeyrowitz.co.uk