E.B. Meyrowitz flies to the Balearics

The luxury eyewear brand launches a new sunglasses capsule inspired by the most seductive Spanish islands

Style 7 Jul 2022

The new collection from E.B. Meyrowitz evokes the romance and beauty of the Balearics

Golden-sand beaches, turquoise green waters, and white-walled villages. Inspired by this sun-washed postcard, E.B. Meyrowitz optician has designed a versatile collection of 15 different shades celebrating the multifaceted spirit of the Balearic archipelagos.

The carefree bohemian lifestyle of Formentera and the lush natural landscapes of Menorca are charted in a Mediterranean colour palette: aqua, sunshine, shadow, demi-blonde and mottle. Transitioning from the chillness of a breezy morning in Mallorca to the buzz of the sunset hour in Ibiza, each model evokes a particular feeling linked to different moments of a relaxed holiday in this summer paradise.

The new collection from E.B. Meyrowitz takes inspiration from long sunny days on Spain's most beautiful islands
The new collection from E.B. Meyrowitz takes inspiration from long sunny days on Spain’s most beautiful islands

Be pampered by the first rays of sunshine with Jondal, a timeless rounded frame featuring an arched top line and a playful attitude. Featuring a soft-rectangular build, Bassa’s curved lines offer effortless elegance for after-siesta amusements. With chunky arms and a bold contour, Gracioneta stays on top of trends, the perfect companion for a stylish and upbeat aperitif on the beach.

But what makes E.B. Meyrowitz glasses stand out is the certainty of getting a unique high-end piece. If you are after an extra level of customisation, alongside the ready-to-wear collection, the Prussian-born optical brand offers the option of a bespoke commission for each model. This should come as no surprise as traditional artisanal techniques are embedded in E.B. Meyrowitz’s DNA. Pioneering opticals since 1875, E.B. Meyrowitz has handcrafted protective eyewear for record-breakers, from aviators to motor racing pilots for over 145 years of history. So even if you only wear yours to enjoy a sundowner, you can do so safe in the knowledge that these sunglasses will protect you while making you look like the relaxed traveller you are.