Change is in the air: Acqua di Parma Colonia Futura

With its sustainable new scent, the historic perfumer hopes to safeguard Italian tradition for future generations

Style 14 Sep 2020

Acqua di Parma's new fragrance, Colonia Futura
Acque di Parma Colonia Futura respects both the environment and Italian tradition

Sustainability can have many meanings. On the one hand there’s the crucial drive to protect our planets natural resources. On the other, it’s about preserving our culture and way of life for future generations to come.

It’s a philosophy that lies at the heart of the way Acqua di Parma operates, with the Colonia Futura a testament of these values in action. With this collection, the perfumer is drawing on its rich heritage and expertise, creating a unique product that continues a sense of Italian tradition and lifestyle while remaining resolutely forward-thinking when it comes to the environment.

The breezy, light scent brings a contemporary twist to classic ingredients, presented in a range including an eau de cologne, shampoo and shower gel and deodorants. The invigorating, citrusy blend of bergamot, lemon and grapefruit is punctuated with the freshness of lavender, delicately finished with subtle, woody notes of vetiver and pink pepper. Not only are the ingredients of the highest quality, with the eau de cologne containing 99 per cent natural origin ingredients in line with the ISO16128 standard for cosmetics, but have also been chosen with careful consideration of the local crops and the human resources used to create them.

Similarly, the elegant packaging has been thoughtfully crafted with sustainability in mind. The traditional Bakelite cap has been replaced with a recycled and recyclable plastic one, while the dispenser can also be easily parted from the glass bottle for easy recycling. Even the label has been made eco-friendly, created from scrap dust sourced from marble quarries. With this holistic approach, the Colonia Futura represents a true celebration of nature.