A sensory journey: Acqua di Parma

A master of excellence, Acqua di Parma has created a vibrant scented driving experience with its new luxury refillable Red Car Diffuser

Style 25 Mar 2024

Acqua di Parma's Red Car Diffuser joins the brand's line of evocative fragrances

Acqua di Parma's Red Car Diffuser joins the brand's line of evocative fragrances

Named after author Marcel Proust – who once described the taste and smell of his tea and madeleine with appealing ardour – a “Proustian moment” is one that we can all relate to. It’s a sensory experience that triggers a rush of memories long past or long forgotten. Scientifically speaking, it’s what happens when olfactory signals are transported to areas of the brain associated with emotion and memory.

Harnessing the evocative power of smell is something that can enhance many an experience. It was embraced in the 1950s by the film industry, which would infuse an appropriate aroma into the cinema to deepen the enjoyment and understanding of the movie playing on screen. The investment we make in scents to make our homes more appealing – both to live in or to sell (think baking bread, fresh flowers) – is not a new concept, yet it continues to be a welcome way to bolster the enjoyment of so many of life’s everyday activities.

One brand that has mastered scent is Acqua di Parma. The icon of luxury perfumery has long been in the business of turning heads with its vibrant and sophisticated fragrances. Renowned for evoking the unique essence of Italy, its masterful scents are now available to enhance the everyday road trip by way of a stylish car diffuser.

Born in 1916, Acqua di Parma was founded by visionary Carlo Magnani as an ode to the Italian “arte di vivere”, rooted in nature, culture and art. Its unwavering celebration of uniqueness, masterful imperfection and joyful beauty echoes through each and every fragrance.

Acqua di Parma’s Red Car Diffuser features a leather cover that can be filled with a choice of 10 different scents
Acqua di Parma’s Red Car Diffuser features a leather cover that can be filled with a choice of 10 different scents

This new Red Car Diffuser is no exception. Designed by award-winning design duo GamFratesi, the diffuser is fashioned from the finest Italian leather, has a pleasing circular shape – inspired by Acqua di Parma’s distinctive hat boxes – and is created to work in harmony with a vehicle’s air-circulation system to enhance the driving experience through a sensory encounter that taps into the memory and imagination in a way only the Italian stalwart could deliver.

Effortlessly fusing style and functionality, the diffuser comes with the option to swap in up to 10 different refill fragrances from the maison’s Home Collection, each one transporting you to a heady mix of sun-drenched Italian landscapes, wherever your road trip takes you.

At the heart of the refill collection is Luce di Colonia, a fragrance that radiates brightness, emulating the light, sunny scent of Colonia, combining citrusy orange and lemon with delicate floral tones and warm woody elements.

Alternatively, you may wish to journey into the Italian countryside with Buongiorno, complete with aromas of mint, lavender, rosemary and the intoxicating spring scent of freshly cut grass, or head lakeside with La Casa Sul Lago and enjoy fresh floral sensations combined with the comforting embrace of musk for a soothing experience on longer trips.

For something a little more potent and seductive, Oh, L’amore captures an intense warmth that touches the heart with its nostalgic aroma of spicy black pepper and cloves, amber and benzoin and tonka bean. Like a passionate embrace, this scent is sure to calm you on any journey, regardless of how much you and your passenger disagree on which route is best to take.

With such an array of evocative scents, a Proustian moment awaits anyone embarking on a journey with an Acqua di Parma diffuser as a sensory companion. The only tricky thing is deciding which fragrance to choose.

Acqua di Parma Red Car Diffuser and refill, £187; acquadiparma.com; harrods.com; selfridges.com