A moment to breathe: Yatay

The sustainable vegan shoe brand has made a promise to mark Earth Day this and every year by planting 365 trees in its Kenyan forest

Style 9 Apr 2020

Sustainable shoe brand Yatay will be planting 365 trees every Earth Day

Sustainable shoe brand Yatay will be planting 365 trees every Earth Day

With a mission to make stylish and high-end shoes that perform well, vegan shoe brand Yatay has sustainability at the core of its beliefs. Every element of Yatay shoes, which are handmade in Italy, has been carefully thought out to have the least harmful impact to the environment, from the recycled rubber to the waste foam used in construction. Each pair of shoes Yatay makes is engraved with a “tree code” on its heel that relates to the tree planted by the brand to offset the carbon generated by manufacturing.

This year, Yatay is going even further. The brand has pledged to mark Earth Day on 22 April by planting an additional 365 trees in its Kenyan forest and promises to do the same every year going forward.

As Yatay founder Umberto de Marco says, ‘During this difficult time, Earth Day seems a more poignant moment in the calendar than ever, and our impact on the planet has never been clearer, the lack of human activity has allowed our dear planet a moment to breathe. When things do slowly return to normal, we hope that a more conscious human race will emerge, one that considers their environmental impact on a daily basis. Our pledge to plant 365 trees a year represents this hope, a hope for a world where every day is Earth Day.’