The future is Bentley

To mark its 100th anniversary, Bentley Motors’ new luxury Grand Tourer, the Flying Spur, propels the marque into the next century

Motoring 14 Dec 2019

The Bentley Flying Spur has all the hallmarks of the luxury marques's sumptuous finishes while harnessing innovative technology and unrivalled power
Interior of the Bentley Flying Spur
The Bentley Flying Spur combines astounding attention to detail, sculpted surfaces and intelligent technology

It’s been a busy but triumphant year for Bentley Motors. The Crewe-based manufacturer has been popping the champagne corks in honour of 100 years in business. To honour the anniversary, there have been an array of special events, and owners passionate about Bentley have been joining in the celebrations by taking part in driving tours across the UK and abroad.

Also marking this momentous milestone is the elegant all-new Bentley Flying Spur. Launched in June, this rare and collectible luxury Grand Tourer offers the perfect fusion of performance-orientated agility and four-door limousine-style comfort. With astounding attention to detail, sculpted surfaces and intelligent technology, the Flying Spur takes the driver on a journey of constant discovery and inspires the imagination with its elegant form and intuitive interaction, while propelling Bentley into its next century.

The new model is a tour de force of innovation, connectivity, comfort and driver excitement, combining everything you expect from a new luxury Bentley saloon, including sumptuous materials and textiles inside, which create an interior haven with massaging, heated and cooled seats and a gorgeously crafted handheld touch-screen remote that guides everything from the screens to the blinds and the mood lighting.

This sophisticated infotainment system safely connects the driver with their journey and the world around them. One unique feature is the Bentley Rotating Display, where drivers can choose between a digital display with access to apps, media and vehicle information, three classic analogue dials, or a beautifully veneered fascia, the latter allowing drivers to take a technology break at any time.

Technological innovation aside, it’s performance that makes the Flying Spur one of the world’s most powerful cars. The 8-speed ZF dual-clutch transmission ensures smooth acceleration and quick gearshifts, while the four-wheel steering successfully disguises the size of the vehicle you are navigating. It is an evolutionary step-change along the road of handling and performance. A refined state-of-the-art W12 engine offers flawless handling and accelerates the Flying Spur from 0-60mph in just 3.7 seconds. While its threechamber air springs provide a greater range of suspension for an exhilarating drive, whether you’re crossing continents or on a city commute. It’s thoroughly enjoyable. So is the Flying Spur the best luxury saloon on the planet? It makes a very strong case not only for that title, but with its plurality of purpose it may go further. In terms of a car for everyday use, the Bentley Flying Spur certainly ticks all the boxes, combining a dynamic ride with cutting-edge technology and luxurious comfort.

So Bentley celebrates its big birthday in rude health with a raft of fine machines in its prestigious fleet. The future looks bright… the future looks Bentley.

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