On the road again: Alfa Romeo x Getty

A new collaboration uses picture research and data to find the UK’s best driving routes

Motoring 20 Jul 2022

The A3078 from Trewithian, Truro, to St Mawes is paired with the Amalfi Coast road in Italy

Hankering for a road trip? We know the feeling. If, like most petrolheads, you spent the past two years of lockdowns dreaming up driving routes and plotting destinations, then look no further than Alfa Romeo’s latest project with Getty Images, in which the two have collaborated to find the 10 best roads in the world and their UK equivalents.

‘International travel is possible again after years of disruption but, judging by our findings, UK motorists don’t need to travel to the other side of the world to experience an iconic drive,’ explains Damien Dally, managing director of Alfa Romeo UK.

Indeed, lasting international travel restrictions have encouraged staycations and the realisation that there are some incredible journeys to be had without leaving the country. By identifying the key characteristics of each top driving route, including scenery, length and distinguishing features, the brands were able to find roads with the most similarities across the UK. And to make sure that the research was accurate and, well, to have some fun, Alfa Romeo took its performance SUV, the Stelvio Quadrifoglio, out on the road to test the routes.

Applecross Pass in Strathcarron, Scotland topped the research, as a rival to the bucket list-worthy Stelvio Pass in Italy – both feature a winding mountain climb with abundant hairpins to give you plenty of cornering practice. Then there is the A3078 from Trewithian, Truro, to St Mawes on the Cornish coast, which is populated with cute seaside houses and sailboats to match the coordinating Amalfi Coast road in Italy. Other picks include Snake Pass in the Peak District and its Swiss equivalent, the San Bernardino Pass – both with stunning lake and reservoir views, and a Brummell favourite; Black Mountain Pass (A4069) in Wales, which is most similar to Romania’s Transfăgărășan Pass. This one is best driven from north to south and, no matter the weather, offers delights and challenges as you snake your way through the Brecon Beacons.

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