Maserati debuts the all-new GranCabrio

The luxury Italian marque unveils its latest sporty convertible

Motoring 28 Mar 2024

Road trips come in all shapes and sizes, but the historic gran turismo (grand tour) is surely the most romantic and iconic of them all. The traditional European road trip has always centred around Italy, and those looking to evoke the authentic grand tour spirit need look no further than the new Maserati GranCabrio.

The latest launch from the iconic Italian marque is a new open-top version of the Maserati GranTurismo coupe. The sporty convertible launched earlier this year in Rome and is 100% made in Italy. The folding fabric top – available in five colours – is able to retract completely within 14 seconds, even when moving at up to 50 km/h.


In a unique configuration, the GranCabrio is a four-person spyder – as opposed to the traditional two-seats – and is the spiritual successor to the 3500 GT, Maseratis first road-going sports car, unveiled at the 1959 Geneva Motor Show. The original open-top GranCabrio design was unveiled in 2009. The car adapts automatically to the roof being lowered through precision air-conditioning and an innovative neck-warming device to keep passengers cosy on the open road. Theres also an optional wind-stopper system – a frame and mesh mechanism that can be folded manually and helps stop the air swirling behind the driver and front passenger. The integrated Sonus Faber system also delivers world-class sound without compromise. Powering the all-new GranCabrio is a six-cylinder internal combustion Nettuno engine and 3.0-litre twin-turbo with 542hp which delivers the unmistakable Maserati roar.

Maserati was born in Bologna in 1914; the passion project of brothers Ernesto, Ettore, Alfieri and Bindo. Now based in Modena, just a few miles north of Bologna, Maserati still epitomises classic Italian style coupled with modern luxury and high-tech performance. The trident logo, inspired by a fountain dedicated to Neptune in Bologna, is recognised worldwide as a symbol of quintessential Italian style, elegance and innovation.

The GranCabrios Nettuno V6 engine delivers a top speed of 196 mph and incorporates F1-derived technologies. As a result, the car, though robust in size, is also agile and athletic as it sweeps around winding roads and bends, the glittering Mediterranean sea – preferably – somewhere in the distance.