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Ladyburn announces Ladyburn Edition Three - completing a trilogy of bottlings from its inaugural year

Food and Drink 21 Nov 2023


Ladyburn Edition Three

Ladyburn’s life as a distillery was extremely short lived, from 1966 to 1975. Unlike some ghost distilleries, no trace remains – except the liquids, which are being slowly released. Ladyburn Edition Three completes a trilogy of bottlings from the inaugural year. Like the first two editions, it celebrates an icon of 1960s design. Following Norman Parkinson and David Bailey, the third release features interior designer David Hicks, whose striking use of colour is demonstrated in 10 labels showing photographs of rooms he designed. Ten of each bottle is available individually (£POA), plus 10 full sets, including a special 11th ‘black swan’ bottle. The inky 56-year-old whisky has black treacle bitter-sweetness, with notes of dates, coffee and liquorice.