Bottled up: LG Signature wine cellar

LG Signature unveils the ultimate home bar upgrade

Food and Drink 20 Jul 2022

Where do you keep your wine? On the kitchen counter? A faithful IKEA rack, perhaps? Or wherever you can find room? Of all the things on a home wishlist, a wine cellar is perhaps the most luxurious yet difficult to attain – particularly in London, where space is limited. LG Signature’s newest appliance, then, is a happy addition to its roster of high-end home appliances.

Sized similarly to a fridge, this nifty design will slot neatly into your kitchen (or home bar) and holds up to 65 bottles of the good stuff. Granted, that’s not as many as your rustic, dream cellar stacked with vintages, but more than enough to host guests for tastings or parties.

There are some fun features, too, like an auto door-opening function, which means that when your arms are full with bottles, a simple wave of your foot next to the door is all you need to get access. The split-temperature fridge will ensure that your riesling doesn’t come out with the same chill as a chardonnay, while vibration protection keeps the bottles secure. Those with a penchant for sparkling wine will appreciate the dedicated bottom drawer, which can be converted to a freezer when needed and has a clever lifting function, so the contents are within easy reach. Tapping on the mirror door wakes the touchscreen features and illuminates the inside – which is otherwise kept dark, behind UV-blocking glass for optimal wine preservation – so you can show off your collection to impress friends and oenophiles alike.