Dial M for whisky: The Macallan M Collection

One of the world’s most celebrated whisky distillers has announced a prestigious collection of limited-release single malts that represent the marque’s Six Pillars – the attributes that make Macallan unique

Food and Drink 5 Jul 2022

The Macallan M Copper 2022
The Macallan M Black 2022
The Macallan M 2022

The distiller known as the Rolls-Royce of whiskies is releasing the M Collection, a range of limited-release single malts that represent the key tenets – or Six Pillars – of the marque.

The Six Pillars pay tribute to the foundation stones that have set The Macallan apart since the brand started in 1824. These are Natural Colour, Mastery, Curiously Small Spirit Stills, The Estate, Exceptional Oak Casks and Sherry Seasoning. The first three releases from the M Collection are The Macallan M 2022, The Macallan M Black 2022 and The Macallan M Copper 2022, all of which are available now. The collection brings together three creative minds for its launch – the creative direction of Fabien Baron, work of legendary photographer Nick Knight in capturing the whiskies and the mastery of Lalique, which has created exquisite decanters for each release.

The Macallan M 2022 celebrates the pillar of Natural Colour, the rich, amber, honeyed, clear hues of Macallan single malt after ageing in sherry-seasoned oak casks. True to its pillar, M comes in a clear Lalique decanter absent of colouring and has a full flavour starting with notes of liquorice and tea that move to chocolate, dried fruit and wood spice.

The Macallan M Black 2022 represents Mastery and the marque’s absolute dedication to the craft of distilling. The Black single malt has been aged in rare, black-ended sherry-seasoned oak casks and comes in a suitably black Lalique crystal decanter. It has a peated note along with fresh apple and citrus on the nose, moving to charred peaches and honeyed fig with chocolate, spices and warming peat on the palate and long smoky peat with dried fruit finish.

The Macallan M Copper 2022 pays tribute to Curiously Small Spirit Stills that remain integral to the way the marque produces its singular single malts today. Rejecting the temptation of larger stills that many whisky producers started using, The Macallan instead focused on absolute quality only smaller stills could afford. The M Copper 2022 comes in a striking copper-coloured Lalique decanter and has a buttery, fruity, malty flavour moving to caramalised banana, pear drops and a finish of toasted oak.

Jaume Ferràs, global creative director for The Macallan, said of the release: Our Six Pillars foundation stones embody all that is unique to The Macallan, together underpinning the renowned quality and rich character of our whisky, and The Macallan M Collection tells the story of these unique attributes. We are dedicated to uncompromised excellence, and proud to collaborate with Fabien Baron and Lalique to bring these extraordinary expressions to life, and with Nick Knight to create a dramatic visual world for the collection.’

The Macallan M 2022 retails for £5,000, The Macallan M Black 2022 for £5,700 and The Macallan M Copper 2022 for £6,250. The Macallan M Collection will be available at The Whisky Exchange and Master of Malt.