Brummell feasts at home with: Pasta Evangelists for Veganuary

Need inspiration to get through the last half of Veganuary? Pasta Evangelists’ supremely delicious and easy meal delivery could be the solution

Food and Drink 19 Jan 2021

Pasta Evangelists offers a selection of delicious vegan options

Pasta Evangelists offers a delicious selection of vegan options

The background

Pasta Evangelists is the popular fresh pasta delivery service. They deliver fresh, delicious pasta and sauces straight to your door that gives restaurant-quality results in less than five minutes. Pasta Evangelists allows customers to subscribe for regular deliveries, or just choose a one-off box here and there when you have a pasta craving or a special occasion coming up. Each week Pasta Evangelists have a menu of 15 insanely tasty dishes to choose from including filled and regular pasta. Each recipe comes pre-portioned for one or two people and can even be frozen, it is really designed with convenience in mind. This January those enjoying, or struggling, through Veganuary have the treat of picking from a selection of delicious plant-based options that sacrifice nothing on flavour or ease of preparation.

The meal kit

There are three vegan options available each week. Brummell tried both a filled pasta – pumpkin and sage triangoli with wild rocket pesto – and an orecchiette with sundried tomato pesto and a fennel crumb. The kit contains a bag, or box of freshly made pasta, a bag or pot of sauce and, depending on the recipe, a garnish to add.

Pasta Evangelists makes their recipe boxes fresh every day
Pasta Evangelists makes their recipe boxes fresh every day

How many does it feed?

One or two depending on the size of the box you order.


The meals arrived in two neatly packed carboard boxes – all of the packaging is reassuringly recyclable or compostable. Pasta Evangelists are also introducing a reuse scheme for packaging and is starting to use compostable wool insulation that would otherwise be a waste product from the fashion industry. Its aim is to be zero waste by 2025.


All you usually need is one or two pans, a spoon and some salt for the water. The ingredients come ready to go so no chopping, mixing or anything else is required. The fresh pasta takes only a few minutes to cook and sauces can be warmed in the same amount of time.

The food 

The pasta really is trattoria quality, beautifully prepared and moreish and accompanied by complex and delicious sauces. The vegan versions of their recipes are carefully thought out and miss nothing on flavour or satisfaction. Brummell found the dishes to be well seasoned so need nothing adding to produce an incredibly satisfying and taste plate of pasta.

The price

Boxes range from around £7.65 to £13.53 depending on that week’s recipes for a single portion. Double portions of the same recipe come with a 15 per cent discount. Vegan options tend towards the lower end of the price scale. Subscribing to regular delivering knocks another 15 per cent off the bill and means the £3.50 delivery fee is waived.

The verdict

The quality of Pasta Evangelists’ dishes is really impressive. You might think you can make pasta easily at home, but not pasta that tastes like this. The food is flavoursome and moreish and impressive enough to serve at a dinner party, despite being ready in five minutes or less. For anyone needing a break from lockdown meal prep, especially those struggling in Veganuary, Pasta Evangelists is a great solution and feels like a real treat.