Brummell feasts at home with: Le Deli Robuchon

The more casual of master chef Joël Robuchon’s London outposts offers a delivery and takeaway service to make the mouth water whatever the time of day

Food and Drink 11 Mar 2021

Exquisite patisserie from Le Deli Robuchon
The finest French fare from Le Deli Robuchon

The background
Le Deli Robuchon is the Mayfair café, delicatessen and restaurant from the late, great chef Joël Robuchon. Le Deli Robuchon is authentically and excitingly French, selling classic dishes and ingredients that exemplify the finest in Gallic cuisine. The restaurant is offering a selection of dishes to order for delivery, including bespoke gift boxes and hampers. Le Deli Robuchon caters for breakfast, lunch, dinner and special occasions so there’s always a good reason to investigate the menu and order something delicious.

The meal
The takeaway and delivery menu is extensive and tempting and includes baked goods, viennoiseries, crêpes, sandwiches, salads, quiches, pizzas, deli items, a selection of hot meals, salads and drinks. We ordered lunch, including fresh baguettes; indulgent sandwiches; a selection of beautiful salads including taboule, coleslaw and pasta with turnip greens and anchovies; the most delicious aubergine parmigiana ever created, and some exquisite, lighter-than-air tarts to finish. The pistachio tart with cherry jam is, without exaggeration, lifechanging. The delivery also came with a selection of paté and terrines. The selection is perfect for an office or group of people who want to share a lot of dishes. Equally, for single orders, you could order an entire day’s food and feast happily for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or simply order a hot meal and side for a wonderful lunch. You can also order an afternoon tea for two, including tea, and a selection of beers, wines and champagnes are available too.

How many does it feed?
As many as you want, but order generously so you can sample a lot of things. Leftovers from Le Deli Robuchon will always be welcome.

Le Deli Robuchon uses exquisite boxes and packaging, each carefully designed to make every sandwich and tart feel very special.

The price
Sandwiches start at around £8, hot mains start at £9. You can also order a whole roast chicken (with warning) for £44 that comes with carrot vichyssoise, roast potatoes and coleslaw.

The verdict
Until international travel returns this might be the closest we’ll get to feeling like we’re in France for a while. The food is exquisitely prepared and feels incredibly special. A sandwich from Le Deli Robuchon is an event in itself. It’s a wonderful option and real treat for homes and offices, individuals and groups.