Win a pair of cutting-edge KEF headphones

British pioneers of audio excellence, KEF, are giving away a pair of their state-of-the-art Mu7 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones – worth £349 - to Brummell readers in this exclusive competition

Art and Design 26 Oct 2023

Brummell is proud to team up with sound pioneer KEF to launch an exclusive competition to win a pair of the company’s Mu7 noise cancelling wireless headphones.

The award-winning British audio specialist, named after Kent Engineering and Foundry where the company was established in 1961, is renowned for its ground-breaking speakers and audio technology. The Mu7 headphones mark a milestone for the company. The sleek over-head set was designed by long-time collaborator Ross Lovegrove, a visionary artist and industrial designer who has previously worked with KEF on its Muon loudspeakers, Muo portable speakers and Mu3 wireless noise cancelling earphones.

Headphones are one of the most intimate ways to enjoy sound, and KEF prides itself on preserving the integrity of a recording with little intervention to ‘present a revealing listening experience that offers a pure and accurate representation of the original recording’.

The Mu7 headphones deliver an exceptional audio experience with a sculptural, minimalist design that is effortless to wear. A lightweight headband provides a comfortable fit while the snug acoustic seal minimises ear pressure with clever memory foam ear pads that mould to the shape of the head. Available in two colours – Silver Grey and Charcoal Grey – the Mu7 headphones represent the pinnacle of modern design and precision-engineering while delivering the best possible sound.

On the design, Lovegrove commented:

‘If you are wearing a particular type of headphones, they are an extension of you. Well, what is the best interface? Your finger. It’s like putting your hand over your ears, there’s this gestural elegance.’

Brummell is delighted to offer our readers the chance to win a pair of KEF Mu7 headphones, worth £349. All you need to do is fill out the form below.