Sound asleep

Luxury bedmaker Savoir has teamed up with British audio brand KEF to create the Seventy Five, designed to maximise quality sleep through the power of craftsmanship and music

Art and Design 9 Jan 2024

Savoir x KEF Seventy Five bed

Savoir x KEF Seventy Five bed

Dr Rebecca Robbins, Savoir’s specialist sleep scientist, understands the degree to which good-quality sleep can reduce stress and benefit life expectancy. While the importance of a great bed cannot be overstated, Dr Robbins adds that ‘music is one terrific way to separate from your busy day, transport yourself and prepare the mind and body for sleep’. Researchers have found that listening to music, particularly classical music, reduces heart rate, blood pressure and anxiety, reductions in all of which contribute to improved sleep quality.

So, Savoir has now released the innovative Seventy Five bed, its name inspired by the ideal number of musical beats per minute to promote relaxation. The Seventy Five uses the template from Savoir’s No. 2 bed. With features such as a mattress filled with millions of natural micro springs made from gently teased horse tail, all laid out by hand, the No. 2 has long been an icon of bedmaking, renowned for its comfort and craftsmanship. It was conceived in 1905 for the Savoy hotel and has been enjoyed by the likes of Winston Churchill and Marilyn Monroe, although never quite like this…

Created in partnership with pioneering British audio brand KEF, this new bed features integrated hi-fi speakers. The performance of two KEF Ci3160REFM-THX speakers embedded in the curved headboard is enhanced by six of KEF’s Kube 8b subwoofers discreetly hidden in the bed’s base, creating a rich depth of sound. These speakers showcase KEF’s engineering prowess and include its Uni-Q driver array and Intelligence Bass Extension technologies, which, respectively, help disperse sound evenly throughout a room and dynamically extend the bass.

One of two KEF Ci3160REFM-THX speakers integrated into the curved headboard of the Seventy Five
One of two KEF Ci3160REFM-THX speakers integrated into the curved headboard of the Seventy Five

The Seventy Five is upholstered with two contrasting fabrics. First, there is a fully recycled Kirkby Design fabric on the back. The headboard and base, meanwhile, are dressed in a luxurious Kvadrat x Raf Simons fabric made from sustainably sourced wool engineered to complement the sound quality. Installed on both sides to allow for maximum aural impact, the aluminium black-and-grey speakers blend harmoniously with the tones of the upholstery.

This music-based iteration of Savoir's iconic No. 2 bed is dressed in luxurious contrasting fabrics
This music-based iteration of Savoir’s iconic No. 2 bed is dressed in luxurious contrasting fabrics

The bed features magnetic removable grilles that allow the sleeper to conceal or reveal the speakers as desired. And it is adorned with dark American walnut side-tables integrated with wireless charging ports, combining Savoir’s classic heritage with KEF’s modern engineering.

Savoir produces fewer than 1,000 beds each year, each one made to order to suit the customer’s body, home and aesthetic. 150 hours of specialist craftsmanship go into creating every Seventy Five bed, each made entirely by hand and deliciously sleep-inducing in both form and function.

The Seventy Five is available to purchase exclusively in-store from the Savior showroom at Harrods; from £99,500