Maddox Gallery: artist in residence

The latest to take the title at the London gallery is American contemporary artist, Cooper

Art and Design 2 May 2024

Maddox Gallery: artist in residence

Now five months into his working residency in Mayfair’s Maddox Shepherd Market, Cooper is set to captivate audiences with his vibrant still lifes this June in the upcoming exhibition Wild Bloom, where he uses bold strokes of acrylic to breathe life into everyday scenes. His residency offers art lovers a unique opportunity to witness him create his works, as Cooper invites visitors to join him on his artistic journey.

After completing his graphic design studies in Indiana, Cooper embarked on a journey westward, immersing himself in the vibrant landscapes of Miami and Los Angeles. It was here that his artistic vision began to blossom, as he covered city walls with wildflower murals. Reflecting on this transformative period, Cooper remarked that mural art became his beacon of recognition. His bright art caught the attention of passersby, gaining him a following on Instagram. This went on to ignite his ascent into the spotlight, with collaborations alongside industry giants like Coach NY, Adidas and Vans.

Cooper's residency in Mayfair’s Maddox Shepherd Market
Cooper’s residency in Mayfair’s Maddox Shepherd Market

After a few years of mural painting, Cooper found himself craving a new artistic adventure. ‘Honestly, mural work was pretty exhausting,’ he confesses. ‘I really wanted to explore my style on canvas.’ Drawn back to the tranquility of his roots, he returned to Indiana, determined to redefine his artistic identity. It was here, in the sanctuary of his studio, that he discovered his true calling.

Cooper’s canvases burst with a riot of colour and form, each stroke a testament to the joy he finds in the minutiae of everyday life. He weaves the rich tapestry of shapes, patterns and hues that surround him into captivating still lifes that pulse with energy. As Cooper puts it, ‘I opt for a bold and bright colour palette to create artworks that radiate positive energy in people’s homes.’

After a year or so of producing works in Indiana, Cooper’s paintings were seen by Maddox Gallery, which wasted no time in signing him as one of its artists. Since then, he has wowed audiences with two exhibitions at Maddox Gallery in London and Gstaad, each one a testament to his boundless creativity and unwavering dedication to his craft.

Cooper's canvases burst with a riot of colour and form, each stroke a testament to the joy he finds in the minutiae of everyday life
Cooper’s canvases burst with a riot of colour and form, each stroke a testament to the joy he finds in the minutiae of everyday life

As he gets ready for his biggest solo exhibition in the UK this June, Cooper muses, ‘When I’m working in Indiana, there’s a real sense of isolation. At home, I work in a secluded studio, with no one but my dog for company. As a Maddox artist in residence, I am painting live, often with an audience. This means I’m more exposed, with people able to see my whole process. I’m out of my comfort zone and that feels good — it will enable me to evolve as an artist.’

Wild Bloom will showcase the works he has been painting during his 6-month residency in London. From en plein air paintings to still lifes, each piece is a celebration of life in all its wild splendour, a testament to the transformative power of art to uplift, inspire and delight. Of his artistic influences, Cooper reflects, ‘I definitely take inspiration from the still lifes of Matisse, and I love Stanley Whitney, I think he’s a great colourist’.

As Cooper prepares to unveil his latest creations to the world, one thing is abundantly clear: his journey is far from over. With each brushstroke, he continues to push the boundaries of his art, daring us to see the world through fresh eyes and embrace the beauty that surrounds us.

You can view Cooper at work at Maddox Shepherd Market, 8 Shepherd Street W1J 7JE. The Wild Bloom exhibition starts on 13 June at Maddox Gallery, 12 Berkeley Street W1J 8DT

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