From the top: The Loft at Goodluck Hope

With a spacious living area, a private balcony and breathtaking views, The Loft at Goodluck Hope is as ideal for working from home as it is for a party

Art and Design 2 Apr 2022

The Loft at Goodluck Hope

The Lofts at Goodluck Hope offer residents apartment living with a homely feel and a plethora of useful on-site facilities

Say the word “loft” and in the context of apartment living it’s likely that an industrial space comes to mind: white walls, big art and minimal furniture. This is, of course, a legacy of the trend started in the likes of New York in the ’50s and ’60s, where the old commercial districts became colonised by artists, musicians and photographers, keen to take advantage of the amount of space they could get for the price.

Fast forward to 2021 and loft living has been exported around the world and now comes in many shapes and forms. Yet the term is still haunted by this past perception. Which is why it comes as a pleasant surprise when you enter The Loft at Goodluck Hope – the Ballymore development across the river from the Dome in London’s Docklands. This is one of 19 Lofts in the project and has been dressed to give an idea of what it might be like to live here.

But while it ticks the expected boxes of high ceilings, industrial influences (some exposed brickwork and metalwork), and has a generous living area with kitchen and bar, the overwhelming impression, which is largely down to the Ballymore design, is one of a comfortable home. This is less a place where a would-be Jackson Pollock might throw paint around, and more a pad for someone who likes to have friends and family over for a cocktail.

The Loft at Goodluck Hope offers apartment living with a homely feel and a plethora of useful on-site facilities
The Loft at Goodluck Hope offers apartment living with a homely feel and a plethora of useful on-site facilities

In part, the personal, lived-in feel derives from the inclusion of vintage items, such as two ’70s coffee tables and a feature lamp from an old cinema. The rest of the d cor has been carefully curated to suggest a discerning eye: a striking nubuck camel leather “Tactile” sofa by Vincenzo De Cotiis for Baxter in the living room, a one-off terrazzo vase by Natascha Madeiski, bespoke rugs by Silk Avenue and carpentry by Ben Whistler, and Blue IV, a mixed media painting on canvas by Marian Waldemar Kuczma. The speakers for the vinyl record player are by London’s Concept Object, made from upcycled vintage materials.

The space is magnified throughout by the use of reflective, organic-looking mirrors by Zieta Studio crafted from polished stainless steel, which pick up on the reflective Thames outside. This use of steel also hints at the maritime, industrial nature of the surrounding area, as does the pitched roof; it is a quirk of The Loft that though it sits at the top of a tall building, it still has a pitched roof.

It’s easy to imagine who might live here. From the balcony that overlooks the Thames, turn right and Canary Wharf glistens in the near distance. In fact, you can reach Canary Wharf or the City in minutes by road or rail. A stone’s throw from Europe’s biggest centre for tech and finance, The Loft is ideal for a tech-exec owner, sociable and connected.

The Loft does indeed feel like it’s been conceived for entertaining. There is a bar attached to the kitchen, a garden terrace open to the sky inside the apartment with table and chairs, two exterior balconies with spectacular views and even an elegant study with moveable desk.

Beyond the apartment itself, Goodluck Hope also offers the 1595 Club – a residents’ club including a 24-hour concierge service, restaurant, private cinema, gym, Scandinavian-style steam room, 25-metre swimming pool and business centre. It’s just what a tech entrepreneur would wish for. And a great place to have a party.

The Lofts at Goodluck Hope are now available, with seven three-bedroom apartments starting at £1,125,000 and six two-bedroom apartments starting at £916,000; please visit or call 0203 7973 968 for more information