Brummell Summer 2024

Brummell is pleased to announce the launch of our summer 2024 issue with a focus on excellent craftsmanship

Art and Design 30 May 2024

It’s inspiring to see artisanship being celebrated in these times of the mass-produced and unremarkable, allowing products of integrity, intelligence and individuality to shine.

Craftsmanship, the definition goes, is about the quality something possesses when it is not only beautiful or handsome but has been skilfully and mostly handmade. It’s the love child of expertise – typically earned through years of experience – and talent, plus a whole lot of meticulous attention to detail throughout, in materials, provenance and execution. Surprisingly, the results are not necessarily the most expensive or the most aspired to; craftsmanship is often to be found in the humble and unprepossessing.

In this issue of Brummell, we take a look at some makers and retailers who take a pride in their craft, who keep traditions alive and thriving and are not afraid to innovate and excel.

Elsewhere in the issue we talk to the top champagne maker who has travelled to Japan to turn his hand to making premium sake, applying a few master-craftsman techniques he used in winemaking to create an ultra-refined brew.

Meanwhile, taking a drive in the new Mercedes-Maybach 600, a top-of-the-range GLS, we conclude that while the experience is exciting, the place to be is in the electronically reclining captain’s chairs in the rear, with state-of-the-art sound system and a host of sybaritic uber-luxury touches.

We explore the distinguished jewellery company Van Cleef & Arpels’ Heritage collection, which sources the brand’s creations from the period between the 1920s and the 1990s. There are glamorous earrings from the ’40s, romantic clips and open-worked bracelets with dazzling gemstones and voluminous silhouettes popular in the ’70s, now back in vogue – all virtuoso pieces.

Speaking of romance, we also sing the praises of the waistcoat, that historical garment which ties together a formal menswear look. Notable are the examples from formalwear expert Favourbrook, which are cut with precision and crafted from premium fabrics, with key finishing touches of pearl buttons and embroidery. Now there’s a great example of craftsmanship. Get dapper this summer. We hope you enjoy this issue.