Money no object: Blenheim Forge

Blenheim Forge’s finely crafted knives combine fine Japanese technique with British artisanship

Food and Drink 18 Dec 2019

Blenheim Forge

Blenheim Forge produces 30 knives a week including this Santoku knife made from Japanese Blue Paper steel

Blenheim Forge has been hand-forging chef’s knives, crafted from laminated Japanese steel, since 2014, with a loyal following of chefs including Gordon Ramsay and Nigella Lawson.

Founders James Ross-Harris and Jon Warshawsky were working as blacksmiths when they started exploring the Japanese skill of creating knives from laminated steel –in which layers of different steel are folded on to each other and flattened, producing blades that are hard, easy to sharpen and lightweight. The layers of steel also create an unique pattern on the blade.

The founders, along with machine-making expert Richard Warner, visit Japan to meet steelmakers and fellow bladesmiths several times a year and combine this learning with cuttingedge metallurgy and production processes.

The classic range, including the pictured Santoku, an all-rounder 180mm knife, is crafted from Japanese Blue Paper steel with walnut handle. The wood is provided by Goldfinch, an enterprise run by charity London Reclaimed that offers 16-25-year-olds training in joinery and furniture making. Almost all of the wood is sourced within the M25, much from fallen trees.

Santoku knife, £255,