Natural beauty: Sonia Petroff

Inspired by her aunt-in-law, Maria Leoni-Sceti has revived the glamour of the 60s and 70s with bold, contemporary jewellery inspired by the nature of Italy

Watches & Jewellery 12 Mar 2019

The lobster is a playful symbol of the Sonia Petroff brand
Sonia Petroff blends fun, colour and elegance
Sonia Petroff Pom Pom yellow brooch
Sonia Petroff Eye Onyx Earrings

Sonia Petroff was a fascinating woman. Born in Bulgaria to an aristocratic family, she and her family fled the country from communism, and, with a bold sense of adventure, she adopted a jet-set lifestyle. It was after spending time in Argentina that she discovered her passion for jewellery making.

Petroff moved to Italy at the height of La Dolce Vita, and fully embraced the glamour of her adopted home. Deciding to move away from what was expected of women at this time, she dedicated herself to work and travel, and only married later in life. A respected accessories designer, she gained notoriety for her work for Valentino, Balmain and Nina Ricci.

Upon Petroff’s death in 2015, her nephew’s wife Maria Leoni-Sceti inherited her entire 800-piece jewellery collection alongside unsold work, her diaries and prototypes. After months of exploring the treasure trove of inspiration that Petroff left behind, Leoni-Sceti created a capsule jewellery collection, inspired by the bold glamour of the 60s and 70s and the close connection to nature seen throughout Petroff’s work.

Made up of smaller accessories as well as jewellery, belts and occasion bags, the collection is made in Rome and features colourful statement pieces such as seahorse statement earrings, dancing dragonflies, Swarovski-set parrots and the signature, playful lobster that is the brand’s logo. The collection is ideal for anyone looking to add an element of fun, glamour and intrigue to their clothing ensemble.