Money no object: Harry Winston

Harry Winston’s sparkling new jewellery collection showcases spellbinding gems, expertly set by master craftsmen

Watches & Jewellery 3 Jan 2019

The Winston Candy collection
The Winston Candy collection features brightly hued cocktail rings
The Winston Candy collection was inspired by archival sketches from the 1950s and 60s
Harry Winston is known for diamonds but the Winston Candy collection features brightly coloured stones
The Winston Candy collection features bright stones set by master craftspeople

Delectable and delicious, Winston Candy, the new high-jewellery collection from Harry Winston, features stunning one-of-a-kind cocktail rings that epitomise the House’s commitment to the rarest, unique gems from around the world.

Magnificent fancy-coloured centre stones – including sumptuous mandarin garnets, rare tourmalines, pastel sapphires and lively spinels – are the stars of the show, playfully paired with diamonds and richly hued companion gems in supporting roles, creating a dazzling and harmonious theatrical display. The pleasingly vibrant and dynamic colour combinations are bold yet elegant, intense and luscious, but never ostentatious; sweet, but never saccharine.

Harry Winston became known as the ‘King of Diamonds’, but his gem obsession surpassed the finest colourless sparklers for which he was famous, and he sought out stones that resembled brilliantly hued candies for some of his most precious creations. The Winston Candy collection was inspired by archival sketches from the 1950s and 60s, featuring brightly coloured cocktail rings in unexpected, subtle shades. Winston designers spent more than a year creating contemporary interpretations that recall the sophistication of earlier decades, and explore the adventurous use of colour, proportion and stone-cutting techniques.

The artful confections they created are examples of the master craftsmen’s exceptional skill. They promise to whet the appetite of anyone interested in inspirational gems, and sweetly gratify the jewel connoisseur’s hunger.