Brummell Horology November 2018

Brummell is proud to announce the release of its Horology autumn 2018 edition

Watches & Jewellery 19 Nov 2018

Brummell horology

Brummell’s Horology autumn 2018 edition takes us on a timely hurtle through the world of horology, looking at a wealth of watches from contemporary customised pieces to timeless watchmaking traditions.

We take you on a journey via the Caribbean, dropping in to visit the St Barth Sailing Richard Mille regatta, before swinging by the Jungfrau mountain in Switzerland to chat to golfing champion Rory McIlroy about sport, family life and his love of Omega watches.

En route for Paris, we explore how the enduring spirit of couturier Coco Chanel is expressed in the latest Chanel women’s timepiece the Code Coco, and we celebrate the 15th anniversary of La D de Dior, Dior’s ever-growing collection, still as bold and beautiful today as at its inception.

Also in the issue, we salute the flamboyant style of watchmaking visionary Willy Breitling and his original 1940s luxury Premier timepiece collection – now reimagined for modern times – and venerable watch authority Ken Kessler notes the increasing popularity of customised watches and wonders about their resale value.

We hope you enjoy your voyage through this issue.