Jewel purpose: Pippa Small

Not just content with making an impact on the jewellery scene, former Anthropologist Pippa Small celebrates ten years in partnership with Turquoise Mountain

Style 18 Oct 2018

Pippa Small Turquoise Mountain designs
Pippa Small works with craftspeople in Afghanistan and Myanmar

Originally training as a social anthropologist, Pippa Small turned to jewellery design to help create employment opportunities for the conflict-torn communities she encountered worldwide. This year she is celebrating a 10-year partnership with Turquoise Mountain, an arts charity founded by HRH The Prince of Wales to invest in traditional crafts in Afghanistan and Myanmar.

In the past decade, Small has sold more than 4,600 pieces of jewellery crafted by the men and women of Turquoise Mountain, and this in turn has allowed for the creation of 11 independently supported jewellery businesses in Afghanistan employing 68 artisans, as well as the training and employment of 150 craftspeople in Myanmar alone.