Five ways x Sunspel white t-shirt

Brummell's five ways to wear team style a versatile classic, the white t-shirt with Sunspel

Style 4 Oct 2018

T-shirt (seen throughout), £65; Sunspel;
Gilet, £165; hoodie, £155; track pants, £110; bag, £355; towel, £80; shoes, £135; Sunspel;
Jacket, £345; shirt, £105; Sunspel;
Shirt, £155; jeans, £165; belt, £90; Sunspel;
Coat, £425; knit, £235; drawstring trousers, £225; Sunspel;

Sunspel was founded in 1860 by Thomas Hill, whose vision to combine form and function through simple everyday clothes in beautiful fabrics inspired some of the world’s earliest designs for the T-shirt. Today the innovative company still uses the factory in Long Eaton that it has occupied since 1937.

One of Sunspel’s most iconic garments, reflecting 160 years of development and innovation, is the humble white T-shirt. Created at the hands of passionate artisans using the finest Sea Island cotton, its design is disarmingly simple and has been a signature wardrobe staple for the likes of James Dean and Steve McQueen.

Light and comfortable, today’s T-shirt has been only slightly updated since the original 1950s model. The definition of everyday style, the white T-shirt goes down in history as one of the most versatile items in your wardrobe.