Floating ambitions: water travel

Some of the most truly inspiring travel destinations can only be seen from the deck of a boat, be it a nuclear icebreaker or a traditional wooden sailing felucca

Travel 26 Mar 2019

Set the scene: Nature-inspired art

The most fascinating displays of nature-inspired art the capital has to offer

Arts 26 Mar 2019

Naturally inclined

The language of nature is one that has been fully embraced by fashion designers. From Chanel’s white camellia to Erdem’s dark florals, the lure of ethereal, poetic flowers has grown into an extensive vocabulary

Style 26 Mar 2019

The final frontier: the rainforest

The last great pristine environment on Earth, for the adventurous traveller the rainforest is a never-to-be-forgotten experience

Travel 26 Mar 2019

Wasabi Company grows wasabi in Dorset

Special delivery: UK-grown wasabi

Jon Old of The Wasabi Company has brought the far flung concept of growing wasabi to Dorset

Food and Drink 26 Mar 2019

Crater expectations: Ngorongoro

For the most secluded safari and some of the best wildlife watching around, head for the wilderness of northern Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater

Travel 26 Mar 2019

Blackdown Sussex Dry Gin

Silver standard: Blackdown Distillery

Bringing gin production back to Sussex, Blackdown Distillery is not only unique in its location but also its secret ingredient - silver birch sap

Food and Drink 26 Mar 2019

Flower power: watches and jewellery

These watches and high-jewellery pieces will evoke a feeling of being close to nature even in the most urban of settings

Watches & Jewellery 26 Mar 2019

The Islamic Gardens at the Aga Khan Centre

Great city gardens

The green spaces providing urban oases that breathe new life into Europe’s cities

Travel 26 Mar 2019

Be unique: Massimo Alba

The designer talks to Brummell about individuality and the importance of supporting independent labels

Style 25 Mar 2019

The Hidden Life of Trees explores the way in which trees interact with the world and each other

If trees could talk: Peter Wohlleben

Peter Wohlleben's The Hidden Life of Trees offers a unique insight to the life of the forest

People 25 Mar 2019

A sustainable wine tasting

Upgrade your wine jargon at an informative evening celebrating eco-friendly winemaking with Berry Bros & Rudd

Food and Drink 25 Mar 2019

Peace lilies and other indoor plants improve a home or office environment

Plant life

The benefits of having some greenery indoors are many and varied, from reducing blood pressure to improving your skin

People 25 Mar 2019

Forces of nature

Studies show that immersing ourselves in representations of nature, whether through a book, painting or piece of music, has its benefits for city dwellers

Arts 25 Mar 2019