Sea change: Ulysse Nardin Diver Net

Ulysse Nardin harnesses its expertise in sustainability to create this innovative and eco-friendly timepiece

Watches & Jewellery 2 Nov 2020

Ulysse Nardin Diver Net

Recent years have seen the important issue of protecting our planet rise to the top of the agenda for many luxury watch brands as they search for ever-more creative and innovative ways to make their products and activities more sustainable. Ulysse Nardin is one such company, with its latest release, the Diver Net, the result of its considerable efforts and time put into enhancing the environmental credentials of its offering.

The watchmaker has a natural synergy with the ocean, originally renowned for its highly precise marine chronometers. Now it is addressing the growing plastic pollution crisis with a special research unit dedicated to studying materials from the sea, with the aim of creating pioneering approaches for future projects.

Last month saw the introduction of its R-Strap, constructed from recycled fishing nets, one of the main sources of ocean pollution. The Diver Net takes this a step further, focusing on making every element of the watch as environmentally friendly as possible. To achieve this, they enlisted the help of three young Breton designers who are behind Fil&Fab, a company which has been at the forefront of the fishing net recycling sector in France.

As well as a wrist strap made from PET plastic from the sea, other significant modifications have been implemented in this timepiece. These include replacing the traditional sapphire glass with transparent ceramic glass, which incurs a lower environmental impact during manufacturing. A similar approach has been taken with the concave unidirectional bezel, made from recycled fishing nets and featuring a curved ceramic glass.

The watch is equipped with the powerful UN-118 movement, designed with a number of stylish touches. These include green highlights, symbolising nature, across the dial, bezel and crown protector, as well as the stitching on the recycled PET strap.