Brummell feasts at home: Ceru

The Levantine restaurant has launched a ‘Cook at Home’ range that is as sustainable and responsible as it is fun and delicious

Food and Drink 22 Dec 2020

Ceru cook at home
Ceru's vegan cook at home kit


Ceru is a restaurant with outposts in South Kensington and Soho that focuses on contemporary Levantine cuisine. The Levant includes the countries to the east of the Mediterranean including Israel, Cyprus, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine and the flavours and ingredients of that region include tahini, chickpeas, aubergines, lamb, feta, mint, lemon and pomegranate. Ceru has created a collection of meal kits from these flavours and ingredients to enjoy at home that are suited to budding chefs no matter their experience level. Ceru is all about using the freshest ingredients in a colourful and flavoursome way.

The meal kit

Ceru offers four variations of meal kits including beef fillet, lamb, chicken shish and a vegan option. Each kit includes a mezze of a main dish, smaller side dishes, dips and bread. It also includes easy-to-follow instructions and allergen information.

Ceru's meal kits include fresh and seasonal ingredients to create delicious Levantine meals
Ceru’s meal kits include fresh and seasonal ingredients to create delicious Levantine meals, including this chicken shish option

How many does it feed?



Each meal kit comes wrapped in a beautiful cloth wrap with a pattern inspired by the tiles of the Levant, and it really helps set the tone for the treat inside. In the spirit of the restaurant, all of the packaging is recyclable or reusable – including 100 per cent recyclable bioplastic.

Do I need anything else?

A saucepan, oven dish, frying pan, olive oil and sea salt.


There are a few bits to chop, slice and prepare but nothing too challenging. Everything else comes pre-preportioned and ready to pop into a pan or dish with minimal effort. Instructions on prep and cooking are extremely well described and easy to follow. There are a satisfying amount of toppings and dressings to add that make everything look appetising and taste delicious.

The Ceru beef fillet meal kit
The Ceru beef fillet meal kit

The food

We tried the vegan menu – Levantine food is particularly well suited to vegans, vegetarians and those who are gluten intolerant – and it was delicious from start to finish. An apple, mint and pomegranate salad added a fresh and zingy balance to delicately spiced cauliflower and rice, and tender stem broccoli with tahini and almonds. Rich hummus and spicy hamarra dips came pre-prepared on the side along with fluffy and delicious pitta bread to heat in the oven. The meal was a pleasure to prepare, with just enough to do to make it entertaining and feel like an achievement. Ceru has designed its Cook at Home kits to be ready in 30 minutes, and the clear instructions and clever preparation has made this possible and accurate. The result was an exciting and tasty meal, something few people would be able to create at home without the help of a meal kit but that Ceru has made accessible, easy and fun.

The price

The chicken and vegan Cook at Home kits from Ceru are £40; the lamb meal kit is £50, and beef fillet is £60. 

The verdict

 A delightful and satisfying home cooking and dining experience that is packed full of flavour. Ceru offers something different and carefully considered that will impress you, and anyone lucky enough to be sharing with you.