House is where the heart is

Russell Sage has transformed House 21, one of the three houses that comprises private members’ club Home House, into a modern party den with classic roots

Art and Design 18 Mar 2020

The House Lounge in House 21, the newly refurbished part of Home House
House Bar at House 21, Home House
The House Lounge features portraits hung on their sides and upsidedown

Home House, one of London’s most exclusive and salubrious private members’ clubs, has just undergone a stylish upgrade. House 21, one of the three houses that make up the club, has been transformed by Russell Sage Studios to give it a look and feel that is in keeping with the other houses, while creating a distinct new party feel.

The house has been deftly updated in a way that shouts glamour as well as fun and is cleverly set up for work during the day and parties during the evening. Home House is known for seamlessly combining its 18th-century heritage with 21st century mod cons and style. The House 21 update takes this to the next level.

Russell Sage has updated House 21 to fully embrace the club’s day-to-night-time clientele and purpose, taking the wild parties of the original owner, the Countess of Home, as inspiration. The House Bar is adorned with grandfather clocks set to different times from around the world and decoration inspired by international embassies to give it a global party feel.

The House Lounge is set for day working and relaxing but at night the coaches and chairs can be moved to reveal a light-up dancefloor while an armoire transforms into DJ decks. The walls are cheekily covered with Georgian portraits reimagined, with some hung upside-down or on the side to represent the inversion of traditional norms. The side entrance to Home House opens into the Vestibule around the top of which are daubed cameos of famous and creative figures from Boris Johnson to the Queen.

Alongside cocktails and champagne, House 21 will also be offering members late-night dining for members to really make it an all-day affair.

To enjoy Home House and the newly reimagined House 21 you don’t need to be a member, they also offer luxurious overnight accommodation and those staying are granted access to the club, the perfect spot for visiting colleagues or to house family from overseas.