Beyond endurance: Bremont x British Armed Forces

As luxury British watchmaker Bremont creates a new range of watches honouring Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, Lieutenant Colonel Richard Wade describes why Bremont is a perfect partner for the Army, Navy and RAF

Watches & Jewellery 28 Feb 2019

Bremont Argonaut £2,795 (Navy), the Bremont Broadsword £2,595 (Army) and the Bremont Arrow £3,595 (Airforce)

There’s little doubt a Bremont watch is an ideal product to bear the emblems of the Royal Navy, British Army and the Royal Air Force.  Firstly, because its watches have much in common with the British sailor, soldier and airman or airwoman. Not simply because we also like to time events down to the millisecond and with military precision, but because we are a tough breed – tested to the limits and always performing – even in the harshest of conditions.  Indeed, the Bremont strapline ‘Tested Beyond Endurance’ could easily be a motto for the military.

Secondly, because like Bremont timepieces, the Armed Forces are steeped in history, and, much like the military, family goes to the heart of the Bremont philosophy. In fact, it is a family business that takes pride in supporting our wider Armed Forces family. To date the brand has generously supported service charities such as Help for Heroes and sponsored events such as the Invictus Games, and now, as an MoD licensee, Bremont will be supporting the Forces’ Welfare Funds, helping ensure our injured service personnel and veterans get the care they rightfully deserve. For this we are extremely appreciative.

Thirdly, Bremont and our Armed Forces share a sense of being shaped by innovation and not beholden to tradition. Our organisations are calculated risk-takers; dogged in the pursuit of excellence and fired up by the spirit of entrepreneurship and advancing – a spirit that will help us stay one step ahead of our adversaries.

So, it is fitting and especially poignant that Bremont, with its long and respected association with the military, with its extensive history of creating bespoke watches for units across defence, has now decided to honour each of the single services with a watch of their own.

The Bremont Broadsword £2,595 (Army), the Bremont Arrow £3,595 (Airforce) and the Bremont Argonaut £2,795 (Navy), are available at