Time to give: Bremont laptop donation scheme

Bremont continues its charitable activities with a laptop donation scheme for children in the UK

Watches & Jewellery 26 Jan 2021

These challenging times are testing businesses to their limits, but even several months into the pandemic they continue to show resolve, resourcefulness and a drive for positive change that extends far beyond their own products and services. No more so is true than for Bremont. Back in the first lockdown the watchmaker put in a bid to the government to help manufacture parts for much-needed ventilators in the UK. It later created a limited run of bracelets to raise funds for Food4Heroes, a charity producing healthy and nutritious meals for NHS workers.

This current lockdown has once again highlighted the important issue of equal opportunity in education, as the closure of schools makes learning harder to access for many. With this in mind, Bremont has launched its own laptop donation scheme in partnership with Barnardo’s to help vulnerable children access much-needed technology.

Until 31 March, with the sale of every watch in the UK Bremont will be donating a laptop to a child, while customers can also choose to donate money to the cause should they wish, through bremont.com. ‘Once more we feel compelled to help and we passionately believe that schooling should be a basic right given to every child,’ says Bremont co-founder Giles English. ‘Children need the right tools to be able to learn, without which they are missing out. If we can help any child get through this period when schools are closed, then it is a great privilege to do so. Of course, working with Barnardo’s offers every assurance that these laptops will be going to the right homes.’