Retro style: Bulova Parking Meter Chronograph

Bulova looks to one of its idiosyncratic watches of the 1970s for its new limited-edition Parking Meter Chronograph

Watches & Jewellery 22 Jul 2022

While watchmakers often plunge into the archives for inspiration, there are few features that immediately conjure up 1960s and 1970s style as much as the bullhead chronograph. Rarely seen today, its distinctive configuration of pushers saw them placed towards the top of the case rather than the side, an ergonomic touch intended to minimise them digging into the wrist. 

While this layout already called for a slightly unusual design, Bulova’s 31008-6W timepiece from 1973 took this idiosyncratic look a step further. Its unique and graphic dial design led to its nickname, the “parking meter”, with its bold mix of soft and angular lines. This collectors’ favourite has now been revived in a re-edition that stays true to this spirit, with all the retro touches of the original. 

The new Bulova Parking Meter Chronograph retains the same curved, cushion-shaped case and, of course, positioning of the pushers and crown. Its bold impact is added to further still by the silver and blue colour scheme, with flashes of orange detailing across the hands. Powered by a 0S21 Miyota Chronograph movement, this limited edition comes with a dual-time feature as well as tachymeter scale.